Our mission is to help you become the explorer, maker, and creator of your own life.

We’re here to give you the practical skills to create the life you want. Take up that hobby you keep thinking about, learn how to can jam to give as seasonal gifts, or get help with planting that garden you’ve always been dreaming of. The Works brings individuals together: a community of smart, fun people ready to design their life through learning and connecting. Come create with us!

The Works Seattle Class Assistant program (with a photo of sourdough bread)


Our beliefs inform our actions, and these 5 core values are the foundation of every action we take at The Works.

  • Creating: making, using your hands, building, designing, redesigning, reworking, making art

  • Welcoming: community, all people, all backgrounds, finding your way, listening deeply, expressing completely

  • Connecting: to others, to the Earth, to yourself, to your craft

  • Reverence: admiration and heart-centered appreciation, a sense of accomplishment and price

  • Integrity: honest, ethical, principled, always doing the right thing, customer service