The Free Spot Program

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Our mission is to create an ever-expanding and inclusive community of doers, DIYers, crafters, cooks, bakers, and gardeners! We believe that the essential skills we teach at The Works should be accessible to EVERYONE, but we realize they often aren’t.

As a small step toward making The Works a space for everyone, we save one spot in every class for someone who wants to attend but otherwise can’t afford to. This is an honor-system program - there’s no need to prove your need, just sign up! If you see a class on our schedule that lights you up, but you don’t have the extra cash to afford it this time around, we still want you to join us!

In addition to our free spot program, we offer at least one $5 community event every month. This includes everything from clothing swaps, to plant swaps, to craft nights. They are super fun and everyone is welcome. Come join our community at The Works!


Giving Back

We’ve always believed that we can do more together than we can alone, and that’s why we support community organizations and nonprofits through both volunteer time and financial donations. 

We donate 1% of our profit every quarter to an organization we believe in. Know an organization we could support? We’re all ears!