Driftwood Wall Hanging with Dried Citrus | October 26 | $40

Driftwood Wall Hanging with Dried Citrus | October 26 | $40


As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, why not decorate your walls with something handmade that not only looks beautiful, but smells good too! This craft is inspired by using natural materials and using them to create a thoughtful piece of decor that brings us back to simpler times. We will be using variety of citrus fruits that embody all the colors of Fall and make each wall hanging unique. Drawing from the natural elements of the Northwest, driftwood will be used as the base and natural twine for tying the fruit together. Simply hang your piece in that special place at home where you can sit back and admire its natural beauty. This is sure to be a show stopper that will keep your walls looking warm and welcoming all through winter.

Saturday, October 26, 11am-1pm

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