Grow your own Garnish: Microgreens | August 1 | $40

Grow your own Garnish: Microgreens | August 1 | $40


You've no doubt noticed those delicate greens garnishing dishes at restaurants all over town... Microgreens, those tiny, cute, and tasty leafy greens - are the latest trend in food. There's a reason why microgreens are beloved by chefs - they are bursting with flavor and add a refined flair to dishes, not to mention they are packed with nutrients. No longer reserved just for restaurants, you can grow your own with a little knowledge and a lot of seeds - and we'll give you both! Explore tasting different varieties of microgreens spanning spicy, nutty, and cucumber-y flavors and learn our favorite uses for them in the kitchen. Then pick your favorite and we’ll work with you hands-on to plant your own tray, plus send you home with extra seeds for your next batch!

Thursday, August 1, 6-7pm

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