Magic Honey Jar Manifestation | July 28 | $50 (on sale $40!)

Magic Honey Jar Manifestation | July 28 | $50 (on sale $40!)

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Learn to ritualize your visions and dreams through a magic honey jar manifestation workshop! Through traditional magic, explore your desires, intentions, and visions while we craft a self-love and manifestation spell. This workshop will entail a guided visualization, writing exercises, and building a personalized manifestation spell through a magic honey jar. This class is intended for anyone who is interested in exploring witchcraft, manifesting their intentions and visions through ritual, and connecting to their personal power and magic. Bring a notebook and pen for writing prompts, anything that represents self-love for a personal altar items, as well as small tokens or items that symbolize your intentions (fyi: these items will be covered in honey by the end of class!). 

Sunday, July 28, 10am-12pm

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