Make and Mingle: DIY Detergent | June 5 | $25

Make and Mingle: DIY Detergent | June 5 | $25


Homemade laundry detergent isn’t just for hippies, it’s actually way better at getting your clothes clean, not to mention environmentally friendly and cheaper than store-bought. Join us anytime between 5:30pm and 7pm for a chance to make your own detergent and mingle with new friends. We’ll share our time-tested recipe and supply all of the materials, plus cute vessels to store your detergent in. Who says adulting can’t be fun?!

Want to make extras for a friend, that special someone, or just for you to have on hand? Make additional additional detergent for $10 per vessel.

Wednesday, June 5, 5:30-7pm

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