Knife Skills 101 | May 18 | $80

Knife Skills 101 | May 18 | $80


Ever felt unmotivated to chop and cook vegetables in your own kitchen? Settled for a meal out of a box or a drive-thru window instead? Well settle no more! In this class we’re covering all the basic knife skills you need to make fresh, fabulous meals in you own kitchen! 

Learn how to shop for a great knife, maintain a super sharp edge, and use it quickly and confidently to create delicious homemade dishes. Even better, get tons of hands-on practice chopping a variety of vegetables!

We’ll celebrate our achievements by sharing a multi-dish meal. Leave with all of your chopped veggies from class AND a recipe packet so you can recreate these dishes (or your own lovely recipes) at home.  

Bonus! If you’re into French sauces, we just might school you up on those too. Dietary notes: the main dish will contain gluten and meat; the side dishes will be gluten-free and vegan.

Saturday, May 18, 11am-1pm

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