Hot Pot at Home | March 30

Hot Pot at Home | March 30

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The best part about Hot Pot? It’s totally versatile and fully customizable! Oh…and you get to eat it! Gather with us to learn the basics of building your own delicious Hot Pot; including broth, sauces, veggies, proteins, and starches!

In this class, you’ll help prepare your own hot pot and share a meal of this delicious and healthy, signature dish with your classmates! Then go home with the know-how to recreate it again and again! You might just leave with a new food obsession!

Saturday, March 30, 11am-1pm

As a small step toward making The Works a space for everyone, we save one spot in every class for someone who wants to attend but otherwise can’t afford to. This is an honor system program - read more about it here. All ticket sales subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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