Our mission is to help you become the explorer, maker, and creator of your own life. 

Take up a new hobby, learn how to can jam to give as seasonal gifts, or get help with planting that garden you’ve always been dreaming of. The Works brings individuals together to connect and create. We are here to give you the practical skills to build the life you want!


Kellie Phelan, FOUNDER

Kellie believes that lasting change starts at home, and that’s what she aims do to at The Works. She worked for a decade in environmental consulting, first inspired by a “light bulb” moment at 6th grade camp about how long it takes various materials to break down in the environment. A 2012 transplant to Seattle, Kellie is a self-described ole’ timey grandma, spending her free time growing food, experimenting in the kitchen, and DIYing different projects. A natural connector and a self-starter (I mean, who else teaches themselves how to knit from a library book during summer break in high school?!), Kellie is so grateful for this opportunity to lead The Works and be a part of this amazing community.

Kellie Phelan, owner of The Works

Meet the Team

By partnering with local artists, makers, and farmers, we connect eager students with real world mentors. Read more about each of our talented team members here.